They said numbers tell a story and this past year you've been working hard! Thank you to all of those who came out to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary. Its was amazing to see everyone sweat and smile at the same time. Also we introduced our new Partner Tim Ross at a master trainer providing clients with comprehensive methods to improve their overall health, body shape and weight. Lets bring in this year of bringing in more guest, gaining more reward points, along with free classes.


Today Ameanspinn turns two years old! Words can’t express how overwhelmed I am that we’ve hit such a significant milestone. Thinking back to this date two years ago brought tears to my eyes. I remember the feeling of arriving at the studio with James at 6 am and helping our front desk staff set up for our first ride, EVER! There was so much excitement, and hearing my heart beat made me more nervous. I kept thinking to myself, “will anyone show up, did anyone get those flyers, does anyone really like cycling.

If you know me, you know that I am a perfectionist by nature. To say I slightly over analyze is putting it lightly. I am continually searching for efficiencies and improvements in everything we do. Even on that very first morning, at 6am all I could think was, “will there be enough seating in the lobby, maybe we could tweak the placement of the bench to allow for more foot traffic,”

That first day, our first class began and ended, and riders came out happy, some bought packages and checked out our retail area (everyone was able to clip in/out of the bikes!), and we moved onto the next ride. I spent the entire first week living at the studio, shifting things, making sure we had enough towels, shoe cleats, water bottles. I also spent a lot of time getting to know you, our riders.

You are MEAN RIDA’S. You are the reason why we exist and why we continue to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone to provide the best experience we can, both on and off the bike. Despite everything going on in the world around you, you show up. You choose to step through the door, clip into your bike, and trust us with your journey. Your belief in us and your ability to come together to make this community a welcoming place is what keeps up moving forward.

Thank you. Thank you for allowing us to be your happy place. 

Ameanspinn is a place where we want others to feel welcome, to feel like they are accepted as they are but are also challenged to become the best version of themselves possible. This place is meant to be an escape, a detox from your every day.Ameanspinn is a place where you let go, ride with instinct, and let the music guide your journey.

We are so excited for the next year and to achieve our future goals with you, together, one ride at a time. Enjoy all the endorphins you worked so hard for. This was your challenge, you found your moment now all you have to do is shine in the fact that you’re a badass! Now Turn The F**k Up!!

amina muhammad