Tip Of The Week


Put your shoes on and find the ball of your foot. The cycling cleat should be aligned just under the ball of the foot for maximum comfort, performance and natural movement in the ankles to create a fluid pedal stroke and help prevent injury.

  1. Find the right toe-in or toe-out. Make sure the cleats are mounted to allow for a natural toe-in or toe-out. What do “toe-in” and “toe-out” mean? These terms define how your feet are pointed when you attach your cycling shoes to the pedals. Your feet should feel like they are pointing in their natural direction with no pain or twisting sensation in your hips, knees or ankles as you pedal. As a good starting point, make sure the cleats are pointed straight on the shoes and see how that feels.

  2. Make sure everything is tight. Make sure the cleats are screwed in as tightly as possible. They should sit nice and snug against the sole of the shoe and should not shift or rotate while attached.

  3. Clip in and start pedaling slowly. Cycling shoes with cleats are adjustable, but it can be difficult to find the perfect position on the bike. We recommend clipping in and pedaling slowly so that the cleat placement allows for the ball of your feet to be at the center of the bike pedal and that your toe-in/out feels natural when you are clipped in.

  4. The right position is super important for your health, efficiency, comfort and performance. It really does matter how we feel and how much power we put on the pedals through the cleats. 
    Take a look at the video to get a wider perspective of how effectively using cycling shoes with SPD cleats. Ameanspinn only uses SPD at this time, and ask that all of our students comply with using SPD CLIPS when attempting to cycle in our studio.

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