Ride + ABS FAQ'S

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What is Ride+ ABS?

Ride+ ABS is a class designed specifically to focus on strengthening your core. The signature movements at Ameanspinn are developed and designed to push you a little further towards your goal. The class will focus on movements that engage your core while riding to the beat of the music.

How is Ride+ ABS different from All other Ameanspinn rides?

You still ride to the beat of the music, but the movements you do on the bike are specifically designed to target your core. You will be doing various moves using your towel, plus a 10-minute post ride ab circuit off the bike located in the fitness room. Everyone will work as a team and motivate one another to push through.

Do I need a different series to take a Ride + ABS class?

No, your standard series or package covers our standard Ameanspinn rides plus our Ride + ABS class!

Do I have to do the abs choreography on the bike?

No, we always encourage you to push your limits at Ameanspinn; however, if you feel uncomfortable with any of the movements you can refrain from doing them and improvise according to how you feel..

Do I have to stay for the 10-minute abs session post ride?

No, it is optional. But we strongly encourage to experience the full workout in order to get the best results.

Where is the 10 min ab circuit portion held?

We do the 10 ab circuit in the fitness room of the studio. The fitness area is transformed so right after the ride the mats are laid out and ready to go.

Do I have to sign up for the 10-minute abs session separately?

No, you are accounted for when you sign up for the Ride + ABS class if you choose to stay.

Do I have to bring a mat?

We only provide two large mats that fit 12, and a limited number of mats as well for the off the bike abs circuit. If you know you want to stay for the off the bike ab circuit and have your own mat, we encourage you to bring that with you.

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