“Wake up and Live!”


Amina comes to Ameanspinn as a Health Educator who is certified in Spinn, Pilates and Barre. She grew up in  the DC area where she went to school at Duke Ellington, Howard University and Trinity University. She has been working in the fitness industry for 15 years.  But Amina has always been physically active whether on the stage performing, running on the track while her kids had practice or competing with master track & field athletes as a quarter miler. She considers herself to be an ‘artistic athlete.’ Her Pilates & Rides will work your entire body inside and out through butt kicking simulations, spicy variations, and sweet vibrations. Join Amina on "The Track"(BIKE) and on the mat
Amina hopes to share with her students what she has experienced by teaching classes that people actually look forward to coming to. She wants each student to leave feeling completely refreshed mentally and physically. Her classes; Pilates, & Cycling will bring high-energy fun!" She will be a constant source of positive reinforcement and coaching every step of the way. Exercise, eating healthy, and enjoying each of your personal goals will bring you to where you want to be!