“Dance! It’s cheaper than therapy.”




Brigetta is a 7 year dance fitness instructor certified in Zumba and dance fitness and a lifetime of cheerleading and coaching experience. She spent the majority of her army brat life in Prince George's County, MD. Brigetta loves moving her body and believes that exercise is a major component of mental health, incorporating exercise into her stress management teachings. Her philosophy is "one foot at a time". Exercise does not have to be painful - just keep moving! Most importantly, Brigetta wants everyone to find a space in fitness that is FUN for THEM. 

In her spare time, she also enjoys writing and nature. As a trained Mediator, she is all about peace - both within and with others. Rhythm & Moves includes all of your favorite R&B jams throughout time. Core focused and upbeat, you're bound to feel the SOUL in fitness. BG truly hopes that every day she can inspire you to rediscover the magic of fitness together!