“Wake up and Live!”


Amina comes to Ameanspinn as a Health Educator who is certified in Spinn, Pilates and Barre. She grew up in  the DC area where she went to school at Duke Ellington, Howard University and Trinity University. She has been working in the fitness industry for 15 years.  But Amina has always been physically active whether on the stage performing, running on the track while her kids had practice or competing with master track & field athletes as a quarter miler. She considers herself to be an ‘artistic athlete.’ Her Pilates & Rides will work your entire body inside and out through butt kicking simulations, spicy variations, and sweet vibrations. Join Amina on "The Track"(BIKE) and on the mat
Amina hopes to share with her students what she has experienced by teaching classes that people actually look forward to coming to. She wants each student to leave feeling completely refreshed mentally and physically. Her classes; Pilates, & Cycling will bring high-energy fun!" She will be a constant source of positive reinforcement and coaching every step of the way. Exercise, eating healthy, and enjoying each of your personal goals will bring you to where you want to be!


“Dance! It’s cheaper than therapy.”




Originally from Michigan, Liz discovered AmeanSpinn in 2018 while searching for a cardio boost to integrate into her Pilates practice.  She fell in love with the studio’s supportive community (and infectious beats!) and ultimately chose to become an instructor herself. Her energetic cycling classes focus on building stamina and agility while increasing core strength and satisfying your need for a full-body workout. Whether you are an experienced rider or new to the cycling game Liz will have you bouncing and tapping back in no time flat.




I pull up to Coachella (Pull up)
— Beyonce



"It's more than a spin class" to her, and you will leave each of her classes feeling not only physically challenged, but mentally and emotionally inspired.  The dream you have for your life is valid, and Amina gets up on the podium each week aiming to open your eyes to the endless opportunities you have before you-it's up to you to take them! Amina is passionate about always giving 100%, because if you aren’t, there is someone else out there who is (working harder). Pushing yourself to new heights every time you clip into that bike, is empowering not only you but the people surrounding you.


A Schwinn Certified instructor in CPR & First Aid.
Amina's passion for Ameanspinn and the students is unwavering, you will find her classes are chocked full of tough-love. Unlike any fitness discipline she has taught or tried in the past, her style is unique in that it can challenge even the most elite athlete and is safe no matter where you are on your fitness journey.
Amina is not your traditional personal trainer. Do not be afraid to try her class. Her goal is to train her clients for the activities that rev them up. After each class you will leave feeling stronger, more accomplished and equipped to tackle all of life's adventures. She's been teaching for over 6 years, lost 30lbs in the process and loves every minute of it giving her energy to her group of riders. She shares her love of music and infectiously energetic attitude with every class, which results in an outstanding and fun workout!


“They gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams, but you gotta get up and go, and think of better things. Live free.” -Mac Miller



is a #BikeLife advocate, avid street cyclist, courier and bike tour guide. He grew up on BMX. Today, this road warrior maintains his endurance right here at AmeanSpinn. When you enter Eric's class expect to put that work in. 
He's bringing a Trap Spin blend of bangers while balancing things out with songs you can vibe out to. It's about to be lit.  

Inspired by racing and road riding; look for a blend of sprints, reps and resistance. Get ready to pop 2 bottles as Eric helps you build the stamina needed to hit the streets and cycle with traffic.

Let's see who's leaving the studio on empty. 





DC native, Ebony Wheeler started her Yoga and meditation journey in the summer of 2013. She began her practice at the “Sri Sri Center for Peace and Mediation” in Washington DC. From that day she knew she’d found the thing she’d been missing in her life, "peace" within her own mind. For Ebony yoga has aided her in a total transformation of her life creating a more spiritually balanced lifestyle. Knowing what Yoga did in her life and noticing the barriers of inclusivity within the practice, she started incorporating Yoga through Mindfullness into her youth work and organizing free events in her community. Ebony has been teaching individual and private group classes since January 2016, in 2017 she received her 200 hour certification through Capitol Hill Yoga and is registered with Yoga Alliance. She teaches various styles of yoga including Vinyasa flow,Meditation and Movement, Power Yoga and Hatha Yoga. As a teacher Ebony focuses on breath work, safety and alignment while incorporating a range of asanas that allows students to explore their entire bodies. Ebony follows a quote from BKS Iyengar “Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life” Ebony believes that one who focuses on balancing the mind body and spirit can achieve mastery of self , making it easier to handle the world.